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Small Group Counseling

I see my small group counseling students 1x a week for 30 minutes.  Some groups stay the whole year due to 504 or IEP goals and I have some groups that are in a 6 week rotation for example a grief group that may go for 6-8 weeks.  Due to the population of my students many students I see longer than needed in small groups because they need the positive reinforcement and support from another adult.

I always start group with the students giving me their “high” and “low” for the week and giving me a feeling word that represents how they feel for that day.  I have a Inside Out Velcro sheet that I use for this activity.  This is a quick activity and should only take a few minutes.  Then I begin with the lesson – see lesson list below.

**This is a developing list as the year goes on so check back often.

Click on the activities below to bring you to that lesson plan.

Goal Setting Activity/ New Years Resolutions

Personal Body Safety

Problem Solving Activities