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How I took my Pinterest Board Covers from DRAB to FAB?

Branding a name for myself in the School Counseling world has always been a dream of mine and about 10 months ago I started School Counseling Confessions.  I jumped into this new venture 100% because that is what I tend to do and then look back later with the “should of, could of, would of” approach and change what I don’t like.

The first thing on my list to update was my Pinterest page.

I LOVE Pinterest and use it ALL the time for ideas on everything.  It really is so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I just never liked going to my own personal page.   I was noticing that the number of my followers have been steadily rising so I was pinning relevant content but I looked at my page and asked myself “Why would someone want to follow me?”  I didn’t really have an answer by the way it looked. It was total chaos, no reason to the placement of my boards and what do I do with all the group boards and my boards that I like to have so I can look at cute chicken coops?  I mean, who doesn’t love a super cute chicken coop? Right?

So what does a person who likes to take control of a situation do:

  1. Research what works
  2. Make the change

And that’s what I did.

Step 1 of what I don’t like and it bugs me to the core of my being – CHAOS.

Here is my before board – ugh…. My TPT board is the 2nd one mixed in with group boards, no order at all, its gross.

Old Pinterest PageWhat I found through my research is that branding your boards is SO important.  I looked at how others successful pinners have done this.  Most designed their new boards by using a web program, like Canva or Picmonkey or they used Power Point.  I  chose Canva, a free way to make social media graphics.  Love this program!  I like the ease of use with Canva but you can decide which you like better.  Set the size of your page to pixels to 434 x 292 px.  Other websites may tell you to go smaller all I can say is that this size worked for me.

Design your page – This is how it looks during the design process.  Thank goodness for the duplicate slide feature!  I tried to stick with colors that go with my new logo but you don’t have to.  Some do overlays on top of pictures.  I am a very simplistic person and with 3 kids and 2 furkids, my time is precious.

using canva for pinterest boards

Making 30 plus slides saving them all, adding them in and then organizing, cooking dinner, my dog staring at me, dishes, laundry – where is my assistant?!?!?  Oh right that’s me, myself and I, lol!

A quick how to….

After you make the slides, save them as a png file and I like to save them right into my dropbox for ease of use later.

Open up your Pinterest page (this is the painful part), for each slide you have to go in and upload each picture for that board – yikes!

Once you upload the picture into the board then you can change the cover.  Click on the board that you want to change the cover for and then edit the board, click on the little pencil in the top corner.  Half way down the page you can scroll down and change the cover.  Save changes and you are done.

Once I did that to ALL 30+ boards (sigh..), it was complete.

updated pinterest covers
After the Pinterest Boards where updated!

Once I finished I had done some research on placement of boards.  Your Teachers Pay Teachers Store or any store that you have should always first.  Then any boards that relate to your business for me it is School Counseling topics:  classroom management, testing, anger management, etc. I then added my favorite things section followed by my group boards.   Click here to see it fully.– I am very happy with the organized, clean look it has.  Organization is the key to success!

If you have any questions  send me an email at and we can talk about how I can help you with updating your page.

Happy Pinning and don’t forget to on Pinterest – you never know when I am going to pin another cute chicken coop!


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