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The Paper Bag Bully Book

Do you have brown paper bags from the one field trip your kids take a school year sitting in a kitchen drawer staring at you??  I do and it was driving me crazy looking at them each time I wanted to get a sandwich bag or aluminum foil.

While searching Teachers Pay Teachers for extra multiplication activities for my 5th grader I came across a multiplication Paper Bag Book and LOVED it!  Not only did I like the idea but my daughter loved the activity!   Why not mix it into a school counseling activity?!?!  Here it is!  It was so fun to make and so fun to try out on students – we all had a blast making it and it ensured great discussions with my students.

Paper Bag Bully Book

Watch the video understand how it works.   All the directions come with the purchase.  It is super easy and the students can make it on their own – less work for you and more fun for them!

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