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School Counseling Confessions Posts

First Month Freebie!!!! A January goal setting activity for all ages.

Starting a blog is a lot of work.  There is this extreme pressure of failure.  I mean, everything that I have read states that a…


Group Pinterest Board – Wanna Join??

The Pinterest group boards….hmmmm.  Is it for real?  It’s like the cool kid in the recess yard who asks you to join a club where others…

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Confession: We need to support the lonely school counselor.

I was at my son’s soccer game today and was speaking with his coach when his wife came over and joined us.  We got into…


Confession: The main reason I started my National Boards was for the money.

Yes.  This is true, kind of.   I started the National Board journey for the 6K extra that I was going to get from my…