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The NOT so average Father’s Day…..

The beginning of my life story is no different than many of the elementary students that I have seen in counseling.   I know the feeling of abandonment first hand, the extreme feelings of hurt and the wonder of what could have been done differently.  My father left my mother and never returned one day.  I know the history and back story to it and it doesn’t make the pain any less.

Many of the students I see have that lonely place in their heart as well.  Father’s Day and Mother’s Day bring out  lava from a volcano that has been silent for 364 days.

When counseling students or working in the classroom on those confusing day’s I say to the students it can also be a time to celebrate the female or male adult in your life who is special to you.  Just in this past school year I had students that were being raised by older sisters, aunts, grandmothers and step-mother.  Their  mothers were not there either physically, emotionally, some other tragedy happened or just the circumstances prevented them.

I wanted a product that celebrated the other female or male role models on these special days and could not find one that I was looking for online.  I decided that School Counseling Confessions needed to create one!

My writing activity is called the The Not so AVERAGE Mothers Day Writing Activity.  This activity has all the key female’s added – Aunt, Sister, Step-Mother, Mother and Grandmother.  I also have The Not so AVERAGE Father’s Day Writing Activity as well, that celebrates the Uncle, Brother, Grandfather and Step-Father.

This is a writing activity that includes over 25 different designed paper made specifically for the special male in your students life AND 3 graphic organizers to help with organizing your student’s thoughts.

The NOT your Average Mother’s Day Letter Writing Activity includes over 28 different designed stationary made specifically for the special female in your students life AND 3 graphic organizers to help with organizing your student’s thoughts.

I always start with a graphic organizer to help the students organize their thoughts.  I provided 3 for you to use with your students.  These are to help sit down with your students and have them talk with you who is a male in their life that is special to them.  They can write down 3 reasons and a favorite memory or they can use the “The Thought Processor.”  The student would think of a person and write down that person’s name in the think bubble and then write or tell you why they chose that person.


Each male/ female role model has 3 types of writing paper to go along with it.

  1. Blank sheet with name on top.  This would be used for those learners that have difficulty expressing their feelings on words.  Drawing would be a better option for them.  I also would copy the image and paste into a document so that the students can type right into the paper and then print.
  2. One page letter format. This is for the student who is a beginning writer.
  3. Lined paper.  I used this with my great elementary writers who have no problem expressing their feelings.

When they are finished writing, I then have the students color the sheet and personalize it.  We then roll it up and tie it with ribbon.

It makes an awesome gift and recognizes the special person in your students life that may NOT be their mother or father.  My students loved it and I hope yours do as well!


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