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New Years Resolution Activity for Large or Small Groups – Plus Freebie!

New Years is a time when we are forced to re-evaluate our life and think about our future.  This year has brought so many changes for my family.  If you told me last January that I would be selling my home in Massachusetts and moving to South Carolina I would have laughed and thought you were crazy.  Now here I am, living in the South, taking a year off from working which I have NEVER done before AND because I am HGTV obsessed I got my Real Estate License in South Carolina while the kids were at school.  I mean talk about life changes!!

Updating this activity was therapeutic for me.  It made me think about how last year my goals were just to complete the first 2 Components of the National Boards, which I passed!!!-whoop, whoop! – now my goals are to land a School Counseling job in the South and figure out what to do with the real estate license I now possess.

Just like with adults, our students’ experience life changes and unexpected twists and turns that they are forced to deal with.  When students start school we ask them to think about goals for the upcoming year, my activity makes them re-evaluate their goals and have FUN in the process!  One more thing, I included a writing FREEBIE – because freebies are AWESOME!

All of my products can be used in a small group OR for a whole class.  I have done New Year’s Activities for both groups but I do love a small group setting because then you can have more conversations about their goals and follow up with the students.

This purchase is for 41 pages of different ACTIVITIES, BULLETIN BOARD IDEAS AND you will get UPDATES for LIFE!!  You will always have an updated version of my New Years Activities each year!

Usually in a classroom setting where my time is more limited, I would pick and choose activities but for my small groups this would last 3-4 weeks at 30 minutes.  I will complete all the activities and hang up the pendants and post the final products outside my office for a few weeks.  It not only is a display but also as my students come in for small groups they review their goal and give an update on where they are in the process of meeting their goals.

Enjoy these activities and the FREEBIE below!

Happy New Year and I hope your personal New Years resolution will be met this year!


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