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Group Pinterest Board – Wanna Join??

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The Pinterest group boards….hmmmm.  Is it for real?  It’s like the cool kid in the recess yard who asks you to join a club where others are not allowed.  Unfortunately, I am the kid crying and Diane (my elementary school nemesis) won’t let me join.  That’s how I feel about the whole group board thing.  I have gone to websites looking for information and all I can find is 2 websites,  it is ridiculous!

  1.  The Pin Junkie – this website was very confusing for group boards.  I tried to post the group board on it and then I realized that I totally screwed up and could not delete it.  The website literally went crazy and wouldn’t stop asking me to delete the board.  I was extremely annoyed and then when I went back to see if it actually deleted, it is STILL THERE! UGH!  Or as I like to call it  –  a shit show.
  2. The second website was no better.  It is called Board Deck.  You sign in, which I did and when you log in it gives you tons of boards.  That is great, except the website lacks any information about how to add a board to the list.  Check it out for yourself and if you can figure it out send me a message.  It seems like it would be very helpful, I just don’t get it.

On my Pinterest page School Counseling Confessions I created a GROUP board called Elementary School Counseling.  This board is open to anyone who is a School Counselor, Speech Therapist, School Psychologist and Social Worker who blogs or sells on TpT, to give more exposure to your amazing products and blog posts.  As I have said in previous posts, this blog is about sharing – so lets share!  Invite other school counselors to join – it is so easy!  We will be able to reach a LARGE audience to promote our goods.  I am personally inviting you play at recess, you can join my club 🙂

All you have to do is:

  1. Follow me on Pinterest
  2. Pinterest message and let me know you want to join the group
  3. I will send you an invite- you click join.  Its that easy!

All posts that are irrelevant will be deleted and you will be removed from the board.  This is a great opportunity don’t miss out!

Elementary School Counseling group board on Pinterest
Elementary School Counseling group board on Pinterest

Any questions you can always feel free to contact me!

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