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How to make the Grinch Grin – Lesson for Small Groups – Freebie!!

Almost every student that I have worked with knows the story of The Grinch and loves it.  The only problem is – time.  I would love to say that I had the time to show the movie in its entirety or read the 69 page book to my students, but I don’t.

This activity is perfect to complete the week before Holiday/ Christmas Break to keep everyone in the holiday spirit but yet teach a message of kindness and compassion, all in 20-30 minutes!

You will need your laptop with access to YouTube and printouts of the FREEBIE handouts that go with this lesson.  I typically pre-cut all my crafts for my little ones as a time saver, but that may not be necessary depending on the students.  Download and print the FREEBIE below 🙂

I also print a free coloring page of the Grinch, color him in and laminate him.  Click to see the one that I use here. I then put him on the center of my whiteboard as a visual.

Grinch Counseling Activity
Grinch Counseling Activity


I review the Grinch with them by showing them a 4 minute YouTube video that summarizes the movie.  It’s perfect! Totally gets the point across in a speedy and fun way.

You can access the video by clicking here or watching it below.

Once the video is complete we discuss as a group: What was the Grinch’s behavior?  How did he make the other people in the town feel?   Have they ever come across a “Grinch” and what did they do?    I also discuss forgiveness and how the town was able to forgive the Grinch – would they forgive the Grinch if they lived in this town?

I would now pass out the heart activity to the students.  I typically give each student 3 hearts but they can have more or less depending on the discussion and the students age.  Your students will then write what they would do to “Make a Grinch Grin”, cut and then they tape them to my board all around the Grinch.  As they tape them they read their answers to the group.

Easy, breezy lesson that gets to the heart of kindness and love.

Enjoy your holiday break!

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