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Goal Setting Activity/ New Years Resolutions – Lesson Plan inculded

Goal Setting Worksheet - FREE

  1.  Ask students if they have heard of a New Years Resolution.  Describe what it is.  Discuss how people tend to choose goals that are not reality.  We are going to choose goals that are realistic and attainable.  Give examples of what a realistic and unrealistic goal is.
  2. Brainstorm goals that they want to do for the upcoming year.  Write on whiteboard their responses.
  3. Discuss that for our activity we are going to make 2 goals – a school goal and a personal goal.  Review their responses and circle with different color marker the school and personal goals they have stated.
  4. Transfer their responses to goal setting worksheets which you can get FREE from m TpT store.
  5. If time allows they can color 2016 worksheet.
  6. Post their goal setting worksheets in my office and review weekly.