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First Month Freebie!!!! A January goal setting activity for all ages.

Starting a blog is a lot of work.  There is this extreme pressure of failure.  I mean, everything that I have read states that a blog that can make it more than 6 months is a success.  Well I can tell you that my first month, although very busy, has been so rewarding.  The kindness that I have received from other school counselors around the country has been, without a doubt, AMAZING!  They have reached out to help me and answer my questions that clearly reflect my inexperience with professionalism and grace.  Thank you!!

My followers – I literally had a goal of 5 in my first month and that goal got BLOWN AWAY!  Thank YOU!  To reward your AWESOMENESS here is my first TpT product for you for free.  (It actually has to be free on TpT – but to those  who are signed up for my newsletter you will get SPECIAL promo codes for extra freebies throughout the year -whoop, whoop!)

Personal and School Goals for 2016

Every January, the first week we return to school, I usually have ALL my groups (including my little first graders) take time to reflect on the past year and how they want the remainder of the year to be.  I will always stress that everyone makes mistakes and that everyday is a new day but everyone needs a goal in their personal and school life (including me).  My freebie is a goal setting activity for all ages!  They can color in the 2016 to take it home but I like to post the goal worksheets in my office for the month just a reminder so when I am doing my weekly sessions we can reflect back and see if they are making their goal and ways to achieve it.  My lesson plan that I will be using can be found here.  Let me hear what you think about it!  Show me pics of you using the activity through Instagram!

With that being said my School Counseling Confessions TpT store is OPEN so Follow Me on TpT,  join the newsletter, join the group board on my Pinterest page.  There are so many ways to stay connected!  I just love it!

Have a Happy Holiday Season!  Enjoy this time to relax and unwind with the people you love. xoxox

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  1. Cheryl Litton Cheryl Litton

    I love these ideas for curbing vacation when school is in session.

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