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These past few months have brought many changes into my life.  We moved from Massachusetts to South Carolina for my husbands job.  Moving a family of 5 (plus our chocolate lab, Ellie and kitty cat, Joy) 1000 miles away was not a fun journey.  We moved rather quickly, the house sold in 3 days and I bought my house online – literally did not even go inside it until the closing!  It was crazy!  We had to live at a hotel until closing of our new home and my 7 year old son had no problem letting everyone know that we were homeless…not fun!

I had feelings of total chaos and lack of control.  My husband and I were on a life journey and our children didn’t want to go.   Stressful is putting it lightly.  What saved me those days when I thought normalcy would never happen again, was my journal.  I would write about the frustrations, missing my best friends, feeling alone, you name the feeling and I felt it.

I can’t remember the first time I wrote in a journal but I know that it has given me clarity through the fog and light at the end of a long tunnel.  The positive affects from journaling in my life had led me to start a digital journal a few years ago with a group of girls who were just so unhappy with everything and everyone.  This was their homework and if they wanted to share they could during the first 5 minutes of group.  At first no one wanted to talk but then it became a routine.   I would get emails from the girls which “Journal Page” they were supposed to complete for homework!   So I started it with more groups and over time it has just blossomed into a great counseling activity with my older elementary students.

Digital Journal
Digital or Printable Journal

This led me to create a Digital Journal for everyone to use.  I realize that not everyone wants to use a Digital Journal but still would like to have their students write in a journal so my Digital Journal includes the google link AND a printable version.

Once you download the Digital Journal it is so EASY to use!

Step 1:  Open the zip drive with the files.  The zip drive will contain 2 files:  The Printable Journal and the Digital Journal.

Step 2:  Open the file that says TpT Digital Journal Guide and Copyright Policy

Step 3:  Open Chrome and copy and paste web address from product

how to use digital journal

Step 4:


Step 5:  Type inside of Text Boxes

I included a rubric if you are using a grading system.  The grading system is based on EFFORT not their opinion.

If you are interested in this product you can click on the link to take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store- School Counseling Confessions – I have lots of freebies and great products 🙂


Happy Journaling!


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