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Confession: I have a hard time making my brain stop.

According to teachers ranked #4 in the most stressful jobs and #1 was working parents.  Suppose you are both!  Will you talk me off the ledge please – geez! When I read that I literally felt like I was going to throw up.

Now add on the school counselor piece.  You not only teach but your job also consists of hearing stories from young children that saddens you to the core.  Bullying, poverty, crime, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, pain, bruises, burns, basically you name it and I have dealt with it.  It is a tough world out there and I see it everyday.  Many times when I tell people the city I work in they look at me like I am crazy.  I usually get “Why would you work there?”  or “Are you looking to leave?”  – trust me there are days I ask myself those questions too.  But then I walk into my building and the hugs I get from my students and the smiles make those thoughts fade into the darkness.  The students need positive role models and they have them at my school.  I work with a staff that truly cares about our students.  We give hugs, tie shoes and try to give what many do not have – a sense of family.  With family comes worry.  I donate as much as I can to my school from my own children but the thoughts of worry never stop.  On weekends, nights and the long holiday breaks that teachers love but the students hate because how will they get fed.  Just today I had a student in my small group counseling who stated her low was that she didn’t have food last night to eat.  As I sit here writing this post I wonder about my students and what they are doing right now.  We hear and see too much but that is what comes with the profession…..brain, stop, please and let me sleep.



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  1. Lisa Soares Lisa Soares

    Great job!


      Thank YOU for taking the time to visit my website!

  2. Your blog looks fantastic! I find I have a hard time turning my brain off too! There are so many heartbreaking stories of the kids we see. It’s such a rewarding job but there are days it definitely tugs at the heart strings! The kids at your school are lucky to have such a kind hearted, caring counselor.


      Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words! I appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂

  3. Roberta chadwick Roberta chadwick

    Oh Vanessa, I surely can understand how you are feeling and the stress that you are under!
    You have such influence on these children as you probably know, keep the faith that everything you say and do will hopefully be not forgotten. and that these students will go home and remember your words of encouragement and love that you give in your day. I always thought as a teacher myself that one of the first places to start to help was the parents, if only we could get them to a PTA meeting and somehow help them to be better informed, and to assist them through education how to handle various situations that they may not know how to handle. We all know too well that we do not as parents, have all the answers to all the problems. but that knowledge is power and help can be found if one only looks. Our children need and look to parents and their teachers for proper guidance. Children are not meant to bring up themselves, they need parents to show them the way. Unfortunately, parents have troubles of their own and then the kids are left to fend for themselves. Are there programs in place to help out parents who are wondering what to do when they themselves have no solutions? We have to start somewhere, I think it’s with those who are raising a family and truly do not know anything about how to do that. As a former teacher, I ask you to also keep in mind how hard it is to teach and counsel a group of children when some want to learn and others only want to destroy, That also is stressful. If your in this field as a counselor, many meetings are needed among the staff to work out solutions that are unique to your school. and iit’s community. This is not easy for sure, but it’s what we do as educators to make a better life for our students. I wish you luck, and offer to you any ideas which I can assist you and your school.


      Thank you very much for your comments and kind words, they are very thoughtful 🙂 In my experience I have never met a mother who does not want their child to succeed and I believe that ALL parents want the best for their children. It seems to be a cycle of poverty and circumstances out of their control that makes parenting sometimes seem daunting to them. At my school I attend MANY WEEKLY meetings regarding families and how the school can help them. We always offer parents options for services with the hope that they will follow through and get the student that they need and deserve. Thank you again!

  4. Elisa Elisa

    I hear ya! We always have so much going on! Great post friend! 🙂


      Thank you!!!

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