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Attendance Ideas

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Attendance is a task that when I first started school counseling scared me to the core.  I mean how could I manage going through 500+ students attendance every week, create school wide plans for attendance and create personalized plans for attendance??  Well, I am not going to lie- MANY ideas of mine failed – some pretty miserably.   Others have totally worked and I am proud of those successes.  Now I weirdly get excited about my schools attendance data, to the point that this year I was asked to co-chair the District Attendance Team and this is VERY exciting to me!

Attendance is daunting but why does it have to be?  I am going to share with you what works and what does not work.   This website is about reality and the fact is that we need tools in our tool belt for attendance that are tried and true.  Why should we all go through the same turmoil when we can work together and share what has and has not worked in our districts?

Send me an email and let me know what has or has not worked for your district regarding attendance and I will publish it on my website.  I can also add a link to your website for props.

Attendance ideas that work for me:

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